Gustave Anaya

Real Estate and Sales Management Veteran Gustavo Anaya

Based in Henderson, Nevada, Gustavo Anaya owns a private real estate investment firm. He is a distinguished sales manager with over 40 years of experience. Previously, Gustavo Anaya worked at several car dealerships, including Atlantic Datsun/Volkswagen in Los Angeles, California.

During his time there, Mr. Anaya initially worked as an automobile salesman and was soon promoted to sales manager. Later, he bought the dealership and ran its daily operations for several years. Afterwards, he redirected his focus to real estate, owning Grande Investments, a firm that managed more than 150 rental units.

In 1990, Gustavo Anaya purchased World Nissan, a car dealership in Canoga Park, California. Under his leadership, sales increased by 500 percent and the dealership was ranked among the top 50 Nissan dealerships in America by 1992. He also supervised Spanish-language marketing programs for other area dealerships.

Mr. Anaya served on the Economic and Efficiency Commission in Los Angeles County, and was appointed to the state Commission of the Californias, an organization formed to improve relations with Baja California. He remains a member of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf and tennis.

Gustave Anaya

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